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The Nut Wizard is a nut harvesting tool designed to make gathering nuts efficient and easy as well as saving your back in the process.  Holt's Nut Wizard, Inc. is the the "Originator" of the Nut Wizard, which is also referred to as the Nut Picker or Nut Harvesting Tool and we are using this site to introduce our business and explain the goods and services including our nut picker harvesting tool.  International Suppliers are listed under contact info.



1000 Bowens Mill Rd. S.E., Douglas, GA U.S.A. 31535

Phone: +1 (912) 389 1927

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST

Contact Holt's Nut Wizard in Douglas, GA for any questions about our nut harvesting tool. 


How to Choose Your Nut Wizard Harvesting Tool

When determining which Nut Wizard/Nut Picker you will need, you must first decide what size item you will be harvesting.  Each Nut Wizard is designed to harvest a particular size nut more efficiently than the other.  An example of this: The 14" Nut Wizard will harvest large pecans only.  That is why we recommend the 12" Nut Wizard for small and or medium pecans.

The 11" Nut Wizard or (Ammo Wizard) harvesting tool w/Dumper picks up nuts, seeds, fruits, pistol brass, or balls between 3/8" and 1" in diameter; we recommend it for pin, small acorns, chinquapin, black, live, post, and scarlet oak, or pistol shells.  It will pick up items larger than the above list, but in smaller quantities. The Ammo Wizard makes picking up all of those shells a breeze and comes in handy for individuals who want to reload their shells.

The 12" Nut Wizard harvesting tool w/Dumper picks up nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls between 1/2" and 1 1/2" in diameter; we recommend it for small  and large native pecans, white oak, and crab apples.

The 14" Nut Wizard harvesting tool w/Dumper picks up nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls between 1" and 2" in diameter; we recommend it for very large paper shell pecans, red oak, chestnut oak, hickory nuts, golf balls, chestnuts (not the burrs) large swamp oaks, shotgun shells, reusable paintballs and medium sized fruits.

The 17" Nut Wizard harvesting tool w/Dumper picks up nuts, seeds, fruits, or balls between 1 1/2" and 4" in diameter; we recommend it for black walnuts, sweet gum balls, apples, oranges, lemons, citrus fruits, hedge apples, (osage-orange tree), some pine cones, and magnolia seed/flower heads. 

How To Order

We allow all major credit cards and I urge you to call if you have any questions about any of the products.  The phone number to contact us at is (912) 389 1927. (Specials are available if you are interested in ordering multiple items at once.)




Make Payment

11" Nut Wizard or (Ammo Wizard) (Extra Small 3/8" to 1" in diameter)


12" Nut Wizard (Small 1/2" to 2" in diameter)


14" Nut Wizard (Medium 3/4" to 4" in diameter)


17" Nut Wizard (Large 1" to 4" in diameter)


Pine Cone Wizard


Shipping and handling charges are as follows: $12.00 per item.  Discounts are available with the purchase of three or more.

The New Pine Cone Wizard


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